Monday, November 29, 2010

Fly Shops.

We just recently had an area fly shop saying they were closing down by the first of the year making me think what it takes to make it as a fly shop these days. The big box stores don't help the little guys, Cabelas, Scheels, Bass Pros. Not to mention when you walk in those types of places they usually don't know what the hell their talking about. I've heard some Walmarts have fly shops in them. The two things you need from a good fly shop is great customer service and local knowledge. When I walk into a fly shop I expect a hello, where are you from, and maybe some general advice. For example on my recent trip up to the Missouri River in Craig Montana there are three fly shops in a row. The first shop we went into I got a hello, and a go screw yourself type of attitude. We then walked down the street and ended up at the Headhunters Fly Shop. What we got there was a map of a good float, some tips on what streamers to use, and great customer service. By the way, all of which you can get in Mountain Hardware and Sports in Truckee. Since it is 22 degrees at my house this afternoon with anchor ice blocking my good holes, I'll leave you with some grip and grins from the mighty Mo.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sometimes it Just Ain't Trout Fishing Weather.

We just received several feet of snow in Hirschdale, elevation 5,500 feet. I'm sure they got 4-5 feet by now at lake level. I can't remember this much snow so early in the year. When I worked at Boreal during the 94-95 season (yeah, I'm old)I remember it dumped before Thanksgiving and never did stop that year. We need this snow. The fish love it. This last Summer was epic with all the high water. Go enjoy the pow right now until some spots get plowed out where you can actually park and get to the river. Bring some snowshoes because you will need them. I like to drink beer, run the snow blower, and tie flies on days like these. Sometimes it just ain't trout fishing weather.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nature Boy Designs.

My boy keith over at Lelands in S.F. has started his own fly fishing gear company. With the holidays coming up you can now tell your friends and significant other how big that fish really is. I'm sure we'll see some more cool stuff from NBD in the near future. Here's the link,

Nocturnal Stones.

Ever wonder why when your fishing the Truckee River in the Summer months and you see big stonefly schucks all over the rocks and no adults flying around? The answer to that question is they hatch at night, a nocturnal stone. Trust me, it took a while for me to figure this out. The class of stones is called Claassenia sabulosa, but who cares, they have short little wings and don't fly well. Most of the hatching and egg laying activity occurs after dark. July and August are prime time. This year because of the high water it was in the middle of August and everyone was wondering why their dumb ass Pat's rubber leggs where working so good in August. So next Summer when your tossing your hopper around in the mornings in July fish are probably taking it for a nocturnal stone.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Strange Coincidence?

I was out tinkering with the new Rio Switch line today (which by the way is the best line I've found yet for nymphing with a Switch Rod) when across a far seam the ole indo went down. When I landed this nice male Rainbow we had an incredible kipe on his lower jaw just like a fish I caught two years ago near the same run. It had to be the same fish. It was good to see him again nice and fat and a few inches longer. I might have hooked some more nice fish, but as I was trying to land that fish I fell in and then realised Elliot had rolled around in a dead dear carcass. About the fishing...I've had a few people call lately and what I tell them is that yes, you could catch some big fish on warmer days, like today for instance. You want to fish at the warmest times of the day. You might do well and you might not. You might just catch Whitefish all day. Is it as good as it is in Spring, Summer, Fall, no, but it's still fun to be out there. Winter fishing is much different than other times of the year and you need to adjust you tactics accordingly.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Transition Time.

With the last recent cold front it is that time of year again when fish transition from their late Summer, Fall holding lies, into their Winter holding lies. The water temp was at 51 degrees before the last storm and now a chilly 46 degrees. While 46 degrees doesn't seem bad, that is at the warmest time of the day. I'm sure it is much colder in the early morning hours. Right now it seems as if the fish don't know what to do. In the last week the water has risen, then lowered, and got cold. This time of year fish like the soft inside seams of runs and pools. You might have to lighten up the tippet a little and fish a little more methodically. Fish will still eat your flies though. Here's a few photo's from the last few days.

Friday, November 5, 2010

November Always seems to be a Little Melancholy.

November for Trout fishers is a little melancholy if you live in the Mountains. The Cottonwoods are deeply golden and are devoid of most leaves. The rivers get low and the crowds are gone. You know Winter is looming. Though most of us fish in the Winter it's still not the same as fishing big drys or nymphs, compared to tiny little Midges. November is still a good month to fish depending on how long the weather holds out. In November, I usually go out and fish the spots that I couldn't because I was guiding all Summer, or afraid that I would stick the fish that one of my clients could catch. Now, at least for me, is the time to go out and just enjoy being on the river along with my dog Elliot before the first big Winter storms. Oh, and by the way, the fishing is still pretty good.