Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Brown

Had a client cancel today so I went out down in the canyon for a few hours. Landed five and missed a couple others. The Truckee is fishing well. All my fish have been on either a Green Drake Nymph, or PMD off of a big dry. No ones come up and ate my dry yet, but I'm sure those days will not be far off.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brown from 6/9

A few days ago this guy chased down my streamer and boiled on it about four times before eating it and coming unbuttoned. I'm pretty sure it is the same fish. Today he ate a Green Drake Nymph of the back of a dry in pretty shallow water. Got four out of that same run with one more nice brown taking me under a rock and breaking me off. The Truckee is fishing well now.

Larry's modified Fat Albert

A couple months ago Larry came by with his new strike indicators. He had gone to the fabric store and bought some knitting yarn. This thing was impressive, I'm talking serious fuzz ball. You would need a 10wt Spey Rod to handle it. He threw his rod in the back of my truck and my cat Daisy Mae almost jumped through the window to play with this thing. We drove down to the river and I was scared that the Mountain Lions would want to come out and take a swipe at it dangling off the back of my tailgate. Today Larry's Fat Albert wouldn't float right so he tied some of his old cat yarn on top of it to add a little buoyoncy. Once again I was sacred of getting attacked by a Couger. It lasted a few runs and blew off. I think he needs to package some of that stuff up and sell them to Pets Mart.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Canyon Fish

You have to love those canyon fish. They fight tough current and get mean and strong. They live in places that are hard to get to. I just don't understand why so many people love to float through fly casters on the Truckee and catch fish with no tails. I'll take one good canyon fish over twenty fly casters planters any day of the week.

Week of 5/24/09

This last week on the Truckee has been hit and miss. I had four days of guide trips and we really, really had to work hard to get fish. Flows have been up and down and not stable enough for reliable fishing. I've been using Rubberlegs, and Green Drakes mostly, with a March Brown dropper. This photo is of Dick with a nice fish. We are real close to the river turning on....