Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Web Dude.

I'm often asked who did my website. Well, it's one of Truckee's own, Paul Hamil. He's taken care of me on many occasions when I need things tweaked on the web site so a little float was in order today. We didn't get any real big fish, but it was still a fun day on the water. I did get a little brown on the new fly, it's not a nymph or a streamer, but looks great in the water. I'll be fishing them this Winter, we'll see how they do. Paul's design company is, check it out.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Eleven different Mountain Ranges, broad plains, Griz, and endless rivers, that's Montana. I just got back from five days of fishing with my buddy Chris on some of the West's best Trout waters. The weather was nasty and everyone was out Elk hunting. We had the rivers all to ourselves. The Madison was great between the lakes and of course at Reynolds Pass. We took the boat up to the Mo, and if you've never been to the Missouri you need to go. Hard, and I mean hard fighting fish. Stop in at Craig and go to the Headhunters Fly Shop (More on them later). No BWOs on the Mo, but lots of strong fish. Chris got about a 7lb brown near dark and the next morning I had at least a 10lber on that I watched sail away with all my shit attached to him. We saw no one else fly fishing on our two days there! It was great to hang out with an old friend, drink good beer, eat shitty food, and of course catch fish.

Friday, October 22, 2010

End of the Season Through the Miracle Mile.

Had a great day today through the Miracle Mile as my friend Joe likes to call it. Lot's of hook ups and lost big fish for my clients. The Hirschdale area gets pretty hammered all Summer, but now crowds are gone and hardly anyone is on the river. The fishing is much better. This will be my last post for a week or so as I'll be in Montana visiting my buddy Chris. Even though I guide in the Winter my main guiding season is coming to a close as Winter is looming upon us. I want to say thanks for everyone who has came out to fish with me this Summer. The Truckee is tough, but hopefully everyone had a good time and learned something. It has been my busiest season to date. November looks like it could be cold, but the fishing should be good for the first few weeks as the browns are spawning late this year. See you guys when I get back.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Homey

First cast this morning I had a huge shadow chase down my big caddis dry about 10 yards, but since it had drag the fish didn't eat. Second cast, bam, the fight was on. This brown took the soft hackle baetis, or better known by my friend Keith as the homey. I was lucky to land this thing on an old ass leader and old 5x tippet, but I got lucky. It's called the homey because it doesn't come by and drink your beer and look through your refrigerator, it's your friend, your homey. The homey likes to kick it and catch fish.

October Caddis.

This is my fly of the week and it has caught a lot of nice fish in late Fall over the years for me on the Truckee River. We really don't get a big October Caddis hatch, for example like the Upper Sac or McCloud, but fish really like munching on the Pupa in late Fall. I think a lot of the patterns you see at the fly shop are to bulky. I like a muskrat and rabbit blend and a thinner profile. This is also a good fly to use behind a streamer.

Hook: Tiemco 2499, or 2457 Sz#6
Body: Any buggy nymph type dubbing, orange or cream.
Shell: Wapsi Thin Skin, brown
Ribbing: UTC Wire, copper brown
Collar: Hen hackle, brown
Eyes: Black bead chain eyes

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baetis Weather.

Overcast skies the last few days have made for some good dry fly action. The Little Truckee has some phenomenal Baetis hatches when it's overcast. If you know where to go around the Truckee area there all also some spots where you can find great dry fly fishing. I like my Baetis emerger #16 followed by my soft hackle #16, about 10 inches behind. Mid-day on the Truckee River is when I switch to my soft hackle Baetis and fish it deep, it seems to usually do the trick this time of year. We are starting to hook some big fish again on the Truckee.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Old Guys Rule.

I've been taking out a lot old guys lately. I like the old guys. They usually have good soft rods, rods that used to be made in America. They have cool hats that they bought back in West Yellowstone in the 80's, you know the ones with the flaps on the back. The old guys can usually fish to, some just need a little tune up like my old Toyota. What I like about the old guys is they are just happy to be out on the water enjoying life in their retirement. They all have good stories and if you listen you can actually learn a bit form them. This is a photo of Dwayne from Walnut Creek with fish on.

Friday, October 8, 2010

On Fire.

The fishing that is...When you hook multiple fish in just about every spot you fish you know the fishing is good. That's what happened for Loren from San Jose today, lots of smaller fish, but at the end, a couple big boys that shook off. I was happy for him as it had been a tough year on him and this was his trip for himself. All I can say is cancer is fucked, but fly fishing is good therapy for that shit. Cheers to you Loren.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Head Hunt'n.

A good head hunter must be quiet and stealthy, observe and watch for rise forms. A good dry fly fisherman can distinguish rise forms and know if a fish is eating the adult dun, an emerger, or a nymph caught in the film. You also should try getting into the best position possible to get the best drift. If a fish is rising rhythmically he will not pay much attention to you. You would be surprised how close you can get to the fish. If there are a ton of bugs on the water it might take a while for the fish to eat your fly even though it has drifted over the fish a dozen times. Most fish go back and forth between eating the dun and the emerger, with most fish eating the emergers instead. This fly is my no#1, and is the fly of the week. If fish are eating emergers tie it on, duns, tie it on, it don't matter, they will eat it. This fly is like crack for my buddy Joe Cerniglia and he is always hounding me for some. This fly is tied comparadun style and is just a Sparkle Dun rip off. The best dry fly on earth. I tie the body first and the wing last. One thing to remember when you fish emergers ONLY PUT FLOATANT ON THE WING. The bottom half rides below the surface. BWOs are out in full force, tie some of these up and get in on the action.

Hook: Tiemco 2487, Sz#16
Body: Uni 8/0, Olive Dun
Ribbing: UTC Wire, Sz Small, Olive
Shuck: Z-Lon, Grey
Wing: Ca Coastal Deer Hair
Thorax: Muskrat, Olive

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finally Some Fall Weather.

With record heat up here last week it finally looks like some Fall weather will stick around for a while. The rest of the week looks like it will be cloudy and cool. B.W.O.s should start pop'n any day now and I would be looking for heads mid-day on the Truckee River. The streamer fishing is also picking up a bit. Got this descent size Bow on a sculpin pattern today.