Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Larry (no fish photo)

Larry is really turning out to be a great net boy. It's nice to always have someone on hand to net my fish and take a photo for me. Larry is great. Larry had fish rising all around him on the Lower Yuba the other day, but just didn't seem to hook any. I did once however see Larry land three Mountain Whitefish on a dry on a float down the Yellowstone River. An impressive feat I do say.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Take the kids fish'n

A couple shots of some great kids I've had the priveledge to guide in the last few weeks. Tarin caught and released a nice Rainbow a few weeks ago. The top photos are of Dylan who really did well on the Truckee.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week of 4/22

We have had some really warm weather up here the last week. The upper river is still producing some nice fish. Dry dropper rigs have been very effective. Joe, Larry, and I, fished a local spot on Tuesday and hammered the fish on dries ,we honestly lost count. The Truckee below Boca is up a bit and off color. If you come you for the opener I would fish above Boca all the way up to town or even in town. Remember those fish above Trout Creek haven't seen a fly all year. The L.T. should be good, but packed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Week of 4/5/09 Gabe with a nice wild bow

I've had a few guide trips this last week and can say the upper river between Glenshire Bridge to Boca is on fire. Fish are eating small black micro mays under an indo, and my baetis soft hackle. The people I guided last week all have never really done all that well on the Truckee. A few of them had a hard time trying to land our big fish. This is my friend Gabe with a nice Rainbow along the middle section of the Truckee. I'm just waiting now for the lower river to warm up.